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How do I register my profile?

You can choose to register by Online Registration or Offline Registration. Online Registration (Submit profile through website) Login to Click on the link Click here to register/Register on the Home Page, Fill in all details. This will increase the chances of your profile being displayed when other members search for matches. Click on ‘Submit your profile' button on completion of form to complete registration.

Offline Registration (Profile submission through shakha yuvajana sangam ) You can contact any of our shakha Yuvajana sangam Secratery , and fill up the Matrimonial Registration form.

What are the rules for creating a matrimonial profile ?

While creating a matrimonial profile:

  • Provide only accurate information about the candidate.
  • Try to fill each and every field in the profile correctly and accurately.
  • Include valid phone numbers and Email ID. Verify all details before submitting.

Can I choose my own User ID?

Once you become a paid member your old matrimonial User ID will be transformed into a unique user ID. You cannot choose your own User ID in such a case.

Why does it take 24 hrs for free membership verification?

Verification of profile is done manually. Our support team checks each and every profile carefully for any invalid or incorrect information. All candidates are contacted over the phone for confirmation of details and authenticity. Once the process is completed, an E¬mail would be sent to you. Hence, it takes 24 working hours to activate all the profiles that are being added in one particular day.

What information will be displayed to members from my matrimonial profile?

Paid members can view all your details including telephone number and address. Your e¬mail ID will not be visible to any member. It is only for us to get in touch with you. However, you can contact members by sending personalized messages.

How to become a Paid Member?

Submit your matrimonial profile through Online Registration form or fill up Registration form through our sakhas .After submitting, upgrade your profile to paid membership by choosing the suitable payment mode. After upgradation your free membership’s login details will be changed and it will be informed through e¬mail/or direct contact..

What are the features and benefits of Paid Membership? has an extensive PRDS matrimonial database of well qualified PRDS boys and girls seeking life partners from all over the world. We offer both online and offline services offered to our paid members.

Here are the common features of paid memberships.
Search suitable profile through matrimonial Website and Contact suitable matches via contact number

What are the types of paid membership plans?

As if now you can find only one type of membership plan i.e. Membership for one year.

How do I Login?

Enter your matrimonial "User ID / Registered Email " and "Password" in the respective boxes and Click on the "Login" button to login to your account

Why is the message "Invalid User ID / Password" being displayed when I try to login?

Please ensure that you have entered correct spelling Please ensure that there are no spaces in the Matrimony ID typed. After upgrading profile, you must enter your new user Id and password to login to your account.

I forgot my User ID / Password. What should I do?

Click on the Forgot Password link in the page, (just near to member login) provide your matrimonial Email ID .You will receive a personal mail intimating your matrimonial login informations. If you have forgetten your User Id and Email ID please feel free to contact us .

Why is the message "Sorry! Your Membership is Expired/Invalid." being displayed when I try to login?

The membership is available only for a limited period of 365 days and when a user crosses this time period, the membership expires. You can reregister your membership and continue to access our matrimonial services.

If I enter correct user Id and password but system can’t login, what should I do?

The reason for this could be related to your Internet Browser. Your browser seems to be saving old content and is not refreshing the content.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please try the following to resolve your problem:

Click on 'Tools' in the top menu. Choose 'Internet Options' from the drop down menu. Press the 'Delete files' button and ‘Delete Cookies’ button that appears in the window. Click the 'OK' button of the window and try browsing again.

If you are using Google Chrome then follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Click on tools icon in the top right corner. Choose ‘Tools’ from the drop down menu. Press the ‘Clear Browsing data’ that appears in the sub menu. Click the 'OK' button of the window and try browsing again.

If I am a member, how many ways are there to contact a suitable candidate?

By contacting candidate(s) through the

Login using your matrimonial "User ID" and "Password" To search for profiles, click on the “search” page and choose search suitable options. In the search result page, click “Full Profile” for more details Contact through "Contact Details ".

Can I get the contact details of other members such as Phone No. and address?

You can view another member’s phone number and address.

What are the types of Searches?

There are various types of searches by which you can search for your suitable life partner. Our user friendly search options are:

Keyword Search
By this search you can find candidates based on keywords you have mentioned. The profiles matching to the data you have given will be listed after this search. Eg: Search by Name/ Native Place/ Qualification/ Sakha’s name etc.

Profession Search
This search helps you to find the life partner on the basis of professions such as Doctors, Engineers or any other profession.

Sakha/Mekhala Wise Search
This search helps you to find the life partner on the basis of PRDS shakhas / Mekhala’s. It helps you to find partner from your native shakhas / Mekhala’s.

Advanced Search
This is a detailed search and will give you better accurate results. Options on age, height, complexion, marital status, physical status, native place, education, workplace, worked in and show profiles will be displayed.